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Dalphna Donnelly.jpg

Dalphna Donnelly

MFA, Painter, Art Historian, Jeweler, Art Missionary 

Art is the universal language. A way to connect directly, immediately, and personally across time and cultures. Dalphna lives and witnesses the joy inherent in creation. She has shared her creative excitement through decades of teaching and artist residencies, and has connected with thousands across the Commonwealth, inspiring many to fearlessly explore their own unique possibilities. The same passion, dedication and energy formerly devoted to nurturing others’ creativity is now expressed in the brilliant joy-filled color dances of her own canvases. Painting as a Spiritual Practice, her works become tangible prayers that manifest gratitude and awe; and visible energies seeking universal connections, from nebulae to wildflowers."

For more information or to purchase, connect directly with Dalphna Donnelly Artist on Facebook or text 859.492.8029

Meet the Artist:

Lexington Art League Tour:

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